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Today I’m excited to share a birthday post by a favourite blogger of mine, Messy La. 

Messy la is one very creative lady, who makes beautiful cards and gifts and blogs about her crafty escapades at the Messy La blog. She’s one to follow on Instagram and if you’re ever in need of a pretty gift, make sure you check out her adorable shop and in particular, my favourite crochet garlands

Make sure you have a look at the rest of our party posts on Pinterest, and in the meantime here’s Lara to tell you how to say thank you to your hosts.  

Birthdays are a wonderful time to share with family and friends. Thoughtful gifts, a perfect party or even a handmade cake. Whichever lovely way you have celebrated you, the thought and time spent for your birthday is something to be thankful for. And in light of your special day, here is a simplistic way to say a great big Thanks!

With the times changing and social-networking being ever so popular, we rarely send thank you notes in the old-fashioned way. A thank you tweet still has it’s charm but receiving a handmade or handwritten thank you card puts a smile on my face and gives me even fonder memories of what the sender is thankful for. 

Hand-making your thank you notes doesn’t have to be a hassle - using this quick and simple DIY and minimal materials, you can make and write your Thank You’s easily and with a whole lot of love!


What you’ll need:

 Luggage tags

A bicycle stamp & some ink. (You could even use a picture of a bike if you preferred!)

Cocktail Sticks

Foam, 3d adhesive squares

A sentiment of your choice

What to do:


Stamp your bicycle and cut out any way you like - I prefer to leave a little 2mm-ish border around the bike. I’ve used a lovely bright melon pink ink for my stamp.



Stick on your foam adhesive squares to raise your bicycle when it’s on the tag. Peel off the backings and place on your luggage tag where you please. Luggage tags are easy to find, strung or un-strung, from craft shops or even your local post office!


Cut out your sentiments into about a 1cm strip. Snip out a little triangle to make it look like a flag. I’ve used my vintage typewriter to type my sentiments, but handwritten sentiments would be a lovely touch too.



Cut off the pointed edge of your cocktail stick and trim until you get the perfect size. Slip the cocktail stick behind your raised bicycle. Try to place the stick against one of the adhesive squares to keep it snug.


Add your sentiment.



For a special added touch, I have added some pink sparkly gems to the bicycle hubs - You can find these in any arts & crafts shop.



A perfect little twist on the thank you card. Scribble a message on the reverse side and pop in an envelop to send to your loved one. If you are giving a thank you gift, unstring your luggage tag and thread through some ribbon. Adding a handmade touch is wonderfully personal and shows that you are really thankful for everything they’ve done! 

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How To Make Paper Wheel Decorations For Halloween


Paper Crafts Tutorial by Eleanna.
  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Equipment Used: Black and orange heavyweight construction paper A4, wrapping paper, pen, scissors, ruler, cutter, bakers twine, awl, eraser, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, baking paper, eraser, cutting mat, pattern.
  • Completion Time: 20 minutes each.


After a quick and easy Halloween decoration that makes a big impact? These awesome paper wheels are a treat and not too tricky to make at all. Use the Halloween-themed patterns and templates for extra festive punch! Just follow the step-by-step instructions to make a bunch of them in different sizes and with a variety of black and orange patterns. Then arrange them on the wall for a gorgeous decoration!

1. Cut and Fold the Paper

halloween-paper wheel1

halloween-paper wheel2

halloween-paper wheel3

halloween-paper wheel4

halloween-paper wheel5

halloween-paper wheel6

halloween-paper wheel9

2. Glue the Paper

halloween-paper wheel11

halloween-paper wheel15

3. Make the Wheel

halloween-paper wheel19

halloween-paper wheel20

4. Add a Circle to the Center of the Wheel

halloween-paper wheel24

halloween-paper wheel29

6. Make Different Sized Wheels

halloween-paper wheel32

halloween-paper wheel-final without face

For full-detailed tutorial click here